We are the pets!

Any pet owner is proud to tell the truth!
We are the pets.
We go on vacations now and again, well Duh!
I go to the VA and I believe it is a good hospital far above outsiders, my opinion, my post.
I should not drive that far (Cardiomyopathy).
So my sweetie must drive and the children (pets), always go were we go, or ‘God forbid’, stay home!
They must sit in the car until I get out or we pay through the nose at a motel, hotel or Inn because we have a pet.
Pets are not allowed in hospitals and we will never leave them in the car.
What it the Child Policy?
Motels, Hotels, Inns and Suites are allowing your pets.
However, at what cost and why?
For instance.
Holiday Inn Express takes pets $40.00 a night each pet. https://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/hotels/us/en/reservation
The Drury hotel takes pets $35.00 a night each pet.
Most others are around $25.00.
Non-smokers, have you ever found yourself in a hotel room after a smoker?
How much extra did the smoker have to pay?
I love children, had 5 and many grand and great grand children.
However, in today’s world a parent/parents, plop the child down with some food or a toy and the child is on its own, never a good thing for the child or bystanders.
How much extra did the parents have to pay for assuming it is a “difficult child”?
I know what children can do to motels, hotels, suites, restaurants, cabs, bus, trains or airplanes, ect.
I know how most pets today are with, for most part, responsible travelers!
However, each traveler and pet is automatically punished by the above companies!
Just thought I would ask.