Any Restaurant that needs to improver customers

Any Restaurant that needs to improver customers relationship, pay attention!
Florida, are you listening?
ORXI Greek Restaurant
Not only did the restaurant owners Rasool and Angie Al Hasani

hirer her, they and their customers are learning how to sign.
They adjusted their menu to include common signs and the alphabet. They also adjusted learned sign and their customers are learning to do the same.
“We’d go to the tables together and I would talk to the person that was here and I would tell them this is how you can order. You just point to what you want and if there is something you don’t want you just point to that ingredient and shake your head no,” said Angie.
“I see a couple families, they try to talk and look at the picture and that make me excited,” said Rasool.
“It was extremely easy,” said customer Maxwell Kanczuzewski. “All I had to do was point on the menu and use the different modifiers to get what I needed, and service was no different than any other restaurant I’ve been in.”