Arm the NRA (National Rifle Association)

Arm the NRA (National Rifle Association),
If the country armed the
(National Rifle Association), Members (All of the Members), with
17 Semi-automatic weapons. 47 for each official of the (National Rifle Association).
and Massacre at Virginia Tech leaves 32 dead
Sandy Hook Connecticut school shooting victims (20 students and 6 teachers)

They were to protect themselves from this government (The United States of America),
taking their weapons of ‘Mass Destruction.’
How long do you suppose this war with the (National Rifle Association), with the Unites States of America would last?

Pay attention Texas, Senator Cruz, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio and the rest of your members that think that they could stop this government from taking whatever it wished to take from you!

These Florida lawmakers accepted money from the National Rifle Association
Gun control advocates pressuring some state reps
They do not include indirect expenditures spent in support of the candidate, such as television commercials, print and digital ads or mailings.
Rep. Gus M. Bilirakis: $2,000
Rep. Carlos Curbelo: $2,500
Rep. Ron DeSantis: $1,000
Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart: $2,000
Rep. Neal Dunn: $1,000
Rep. Matt Gaetz: $1,000
Rep. Brian Mast: $4,950
Rep. Bill Posey: $2,000
Rep. Tom Rooney: $2,000
Rep. Dennis Ross: $2,000
Sen. Marco Rubio: $9,900
Rubio received two donations of $4,950 —
one before the Florida Senate primary
another after he won the Republican nomination.
Rep. John Rutherford: $1,000
Rep. Daniel Webster: $1,000
Rep. Ted Yoho: $1,000