Gov. Rick Scott (NRA MEMBER), signs compromise gun control bill

Gov. Rick Scott (A long time NRA MEMBER), signs compromise gun control bill in wake of Florida school shooting

NRA files lawsuit saying Florida gun bill approved by Gov. Scott violates 2nd Amendment

32-Innocent victim’s families must now sue the NRA as an assessor to murder and attempted murder with unnecessary selling military weapons of mass destruction!
Victims and families of victims must also sue every member of the Florida


Government that are members of the NRA and/or refused to sign any bill ending the sale of military type weapons of mass destruction!
Aiding or contributing in a secondary way or assisting in or contributing to as a subordinate.
In Criminal Law, contributing to or aiding in the commission of a crime. One who, without being present at the commission of an offense, becomes guilty of such offense, not as a chief actor, but as a participant, as by command, advice, instigation, or concealment; either before or after the fact or commission.
One who aids, abets, commands, or counsels another in the commission of a crime.
The victims of the Douglas High mass shooting
17- Innocent victims passed to their god.
15- Innocent victims wounded, former student in custody after Broward School shooting!
Gov. Rick Scott signs compromise gun control bill in wake of Florida school shooting
Mar 9, 2018
Student activists from the school, who followed the bill’s progress closely, called it “a baby step.” 
“Obviously, this is what we’ve been fighting for. It’s nowhere near the long-term solution,” said Chris Grady, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and one of the organizers of the March for Life later this month in Washington, D.C. “It’s a baby step, but a huge step at the same time. Florida hasn’t passed any legislation like this in God knows how long. It’s nowhere near what we want, but it’s progress and uplifting to see.”
Florida Gov. Rick Scott has signed a $400 million school safety bill
passed by the Legislature
in response to the
shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
last month that killed 17 people. The bill signed Friday falls short of what many of the shooting’s survivors advocated for, but Scott, a Republican, said it balances “our individual rights with need for public safety.”