Pretentious, Hypercritical, Bullies

I have posted about this some 5 times, only because it needs to be said!
Unless you are a member of the ancestors (Family), or a member of the ‘Trinity’ (Creator), you need to mind your own business as to who has or who does not have ancestors of the
‘First People of this Land!
I am so sick of hearing ‘, Pretentious, Hypercritical, Bullies, telling ‘Euro-Americans’
Who they demand has the right to be of the blood of our ancestors’!
Enough is Enough!
Grow up, shut your moth, freeze your computer fingers!
Just because you hold a ‘Plastic Card’ given to you by the ‘Conquering Government’ for their ‘permission’ to be called (Indian) and wear ‘Conquering Government Cloth’ you call (Regalia), does not supersede the words of Creator or our Ancestors!

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