Richard Corcoran wants ERA/Equal Pay for Women!

Florida Richard Corcoran

wants the

ERA & Equal Pay for Women!

Yes you are correct in asking.
“Do you mean in this day (2018), that the Florida Congress still does not care enough about our women to join the rest of the country by ‘actually protecting their women’?
That seems to be the truth!
Speaker the ‘House of Representatives of Florida’ Richard Corcoran, wants to help with bills to protect our daughters, wife’s, mothers, grand mothers (Florida Women in General)!
I’m Joking of course, he is just another of the lying Florida Republican!
Although he must, because he insist on wanting to be equal with other states like California.
Or is his ad just another ‘Half-Truth in your face Lie’?
Immigrant Sanctuary City of Florida
Why are we still seeing this ‘Fake news’?
Let’s deal with the facts as presented to and by the jury in the court case!

Is it that this Speaker the ‘House of Representatives of Florida does not know the truth or does not care about the truth?