Welcome once again to my friends from France

Welcome once again to my friends from France

I hope that I did not confuse any of my friends/visitors from across the ocean with this last post?
Last of the Cherokee-Shawnee Indians
Sorry about the Google messages, this is a ‘free site’ and a very good site at that!
Google as well as Word Press have been very good to this old warrior so I hope that all of my friends return ask questions and enjoy my stumbling through life often?
I have been receiving visits from Korea for years now about this film and can find no way and no one to help find out what they are looking for so that maybe I can help answer any question?
Yesterday’s post was yet another attempt to help.
I have seen this film a few times, because people keep asking questions about parts of it and I wish to give the best answer possible ever though it has been a bit of a thorn in the side while watching so many liberties with the truth of the history of Native Americas in general, my people in particular.
If you have questions please ask.
Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox