Montréal, Quebec/Gatineau, Quebec


Thank you to both visitors from Quebec Canada.
You both reminded me of a few facts about our people, ours and some of yours.
According to my elders now ancestors and some records out on the internet for all to read.
While I was growing up in Uncasvillage and learning from elders throughout Northern Native American Country, back when our ancestors were being abused
(putting it politely)!
Many of our people escaped out west and many escaped north to and around Quebec Canada!
Red is the color of all blood of the heart and all male, female, races, religion, sexual orientation and even the politicians in government pump ‘Red Blood’!
This is why our military go to war, to protect our people of Red Blood!
Cigarettes cause Cancer!
Our ancestors used Herbs (Kinnick-Kinnick), No poison cigarettes!
All Smudging in the ceremonies of our ancestors were and still are a prayer to Creator, at least throughout Native American Country!
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Welcome to Gatineau, Quebec
Native American gifting tobacco (Herbs) to an elder?
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Taw-but-ni (Thank-you for the visit).

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