Mike Pence is a Trump in Hiding!

Hay Mike

the country is catching up with what

I, the citizens in and around your state have already known for many years.

Mike Pence is a Trump in Hiding!

You might be religious however, from a Christian Bible Reading, you need a refresher course in The Christian God’s Word (Jesus Christ) point of view!

“Love not Hate”!

Mike Pence Faces Calls For Resignation After Letter is Found About Mike Flynn November 6, 2017 Now that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is back in the news, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller collects White House documents related to his dismissal, we should probably take a quick look back to last November. We’re looking at last November because according to a recently uncovered letter sent to then Vice-President Elect Mike Pence by Congressman Elijah Cummings, Pence was well aware of conflicts of interest and potential security risks that came with appointing Flynn to the NSA. The White House has also said Trump was not aware of Flynn’s work. Pence stands by claim he didn’t know about Flynn lobbying investigation. http://mypoliticalopinionblog.blogspot.com/2017/11/mike-pence-is-trump-in-hiding.html