What is all of the fuss about the 1st Amendment?


What is all of the fuss about the 1st Amendment?

The 1st amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.


Roughly 58,200

American school age heroes


died in a war that was predestined to fail


to protect the 1st amendment


that was only one of many wars!



You can not kneel to your (Deity) in a school, on a playground or before any sports poem!

You cannot take a knee to the original star-spangled banner!



You can burn our flag in public, stomp on it,

run it over with a tractor-trailer,

urinate on it,


defecate on it.


what ever you do,

do not kneel to it.

You must however,

allow a

Nazi sympathizing,White supremacist, communist, scum ,

speak at any school

in the United States of America?

State of emergency declared ahead of white supremacist speech in Florida By Eric Levenson, CNN Tue October 17, 2017 http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/17/us/university-florida-richard-spencer-speech/index.html