Most Americans want reasonable gun legislation.

Get weapons larger then a revolver from (Archenemies)
Most Americans want reasonable gun legislation.

Not these lawmakers who accepted thousands of $$ from the NRA
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Want to get weapons larger than a revolver from (Archenemies), like those now killing our citizens?
For starters we must disinfect our political system from the ground up, no surprise?
Trying to Fumigate congress both state and federal is like trying to eject Rats from any High-rise!
Well, in a humane (tolerant), world we should not be using chemicals on people, such as they are.
So, whats next?

Vote darn it Vote!
Get out to your voting district


watch the machine operators before, while,
and after voting.

Just to keep them all honest, not that they are not honest people.
Stop scum from being able to buy any crooked politicians, not that we have any crooked politicians?!
Fumigate- apply the fumes of certain chemicals to (an area) to disinfect it or to rid it of vermin. synonyms: disinfect · purify · sterilize · sanitize · decontaminate · cleanse · clean out
Would be a Miracle!
” The impossible we do at once, miracles take a little longer”?