Massacre (a killing field)


Supreme Being, believe in one or not, that is the question.


We as a ‘Human Being’ have a right, at least in a (Free Society), to believe in your Supreme being.
We also have the right to not believe in a Supreme being.
Not so long ago most citizens of ‘Free Countries’,

a belief in some kind of a Supreme being meant
“You Stray Now, You Pay Later”
Without this fear in the
“You Pay Later!”
All hell has broken out!

Notice that, ‘
Not believing in a Supreme-Being and Crime multiplying’
have gone hand and hand?
Supreme Being is a term used by theologians and philosophers of many religions, including Christianity, Islam,[1] Hinduism,[2] Judaism, Sikhism, and Deism,[3] as an alternative to the term God.
I do this in order to not hurt people’s feelings.
Notice the word Creator (Creator)was left off of these definitions?

Theoretical physics (theoretical physicist) come up with many reasons,

at least in their mind, to prove that (God), does not exist.
However, each time,

the people even a few that did not believe,

question their proof.

Theoretical physics believe in a

Wormholes have never been observed, but they are predicted to exist through mathematical models and scientific theory.
Show me?

This is called FAITH!

Black Hole!
So what is on the other side of your Black Hole?