Give us back the old navy!

There is an old saying that still holds true today
You can make anything machine proof.
However, you can make nothing people proof!

Whatever happened to the human lookouts?

How to completely
embarrass an old salt
especially a
Boatswain Mate!

USS John S. McCain
with hole on side (8/21/17)

Another US Navy warship accident in Asian waters took place early Monday, the fourth this year.
The USS John S. McCain, a Navy guided-missile destroyer, collided with an oil tanker east of Singapore.

USS Fitzgerald

The USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship off the coast of Japan in June, resulting in the deaths of seven US sailors. The Fitzgerald will be transported to the United States for repairs.


4 thoughts on “Give us back the old navy!

  1. I am not a conspiracy nut, but these ‘accidents’ are really getting me to wonder… Europe has been the scene of countless NATO exercises, Russian/China operations, jets going in all directions, etc, etc. yet there have been no major difficulties. In the Pacific, we lost men off Australia, Hawaii, Japan, the two naval ships you’ve mentioned here – could any of this be from Chinese hacking? Your opinion?


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