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Social media computer-mediated

My Christian


name is William,

given to me by the government!
February 26th 1941.

My real name is



given to me by the then

Shechaim Ohjieshan.

At a Paw-paus.

(A gathering of the people to dance and enjoy a week of two
Creator, Father Sky, Great Spirit).

The reason for the above information is twofold

I tried to enter a post on Facebook only to be told that I am shut out because of my
(Facebook name)?
I am following Mark Zuckerberg, so I do not understand?
Being really discussed,


Un-followed just about everyone

on my Facebook account!
A few days later I posted
(on Facebook).
To my surprise, my account was not shut down?
So, if you wish, please let me know?


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