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Social media computer-mediated

My Christian


name is William,

given to me by the government!
February 26th 1941.

My real name is



given to me by the then

Shechaim Ohjieshan.

At a Paw-paus.

(A gathering of the people to dance and enjoy a week of two
Creator, Father Sky, Great Spirit).

The reason for the above information is twofold

I tried to enter a post on Facebook only to be told that I am shut out because of my
(Facebook name)?
I am following Mark Zuckerberg, so I do not understand?
Being really discussed,


Un-followed just about everyone

on my Facebook account!
A few days later I posted
(on Facebook).
To my surprise, my account was not shut down?
So, if you wish, please let me know?


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    • I am so sorry for the delay on answering so many comments, yours for sure my friend. We are or might be getting the last piece of the puzzle from Hurricane Matheru tomorrow, the rug for the back half of the house. As one might emagian, it has been challenging to say the least from the messy house while trying to save things until we get our house back.

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