Lobbyist cost this country ‘Billions of Dollars

Lobbyist cost this country ‘Billions of Dollars in Insurance a year

(more like Trillions of Dollars).
Senator Dick Dubin on CNN with Chris Cuomo
Air date June 27th 2017 Senator Dick Durbin on CNN with Chris Cuomo
This will be in print in a couple of days?
Chris asked and asked and asked the main question about the fall of every healthcare bill.
“Why not go after the insurance industry”?
Democratic Senator Dick Dubin of Illinois
(The Democratic Minority Whip’s), answer,
“The doctors write the prescriptions and prescriptions must be filled.”
“The insurance industry has the biggest lobbyist.”
If the doctors and/or pharmacist are found to be in the pockets

of the insurance industry,
They must be jailed for a long time


never work in the business again
We the citizens of the United States of America
should be saying,
“If our people in the Federal Government cannot dump the lobbyist
(All of the Lobbyist),
in our government,
we must dump those guilty Federal Government People!”
This must also include our states
(All of our States).
Then with our new government,

we need to slow down the waterfall of our tax money
going up to the top 5%
with their trickle down economics.