How Trump Saves Your Jobs!

How do you like your leaders now Hoosiers?

Donald Trump profited from an investment

in the parent company of a business 

he has slammed for laying off 2,100 workers in Indiana

and moving production to Mexico.

Trump earned interest income of

$2,501 to $5,000 from an investment in a United Technologies Corp. bond,

according to a new

financial disclosure form he filed

Wednesday with federal election officials.

Trump’s Carrier Deal Flops

As 600 Will Be Laid Off Next Month

by Laurel Dammann

Carrier, as part of the deal, must employ at least 1,069 people at the Indiana plant for 10 years in exchange for $7 million worth of tax breaks. However, only 730 of those jobs are actual factory jobs, which was the entire point of the deal. The company is giving the rest of those jobs to engineering and technical professionals that were never intended to be axed anyway.

According to CNBC,

more than 600 employees are preparing to be laid off next month despite assurances from the president that their jobs had been saved.

Trump had

promised that 1,100 jobs would be saved

out of the 1,400 Carrier originally planned to lose after closing the plant and shifting its workforce to Mexico.

The Carrier deal is turning out to be more of a flop as hundreds brace themselves for unemployment next month.

Where’s the master dealmaker?

Trump said

he would save jobs at Carrier.

The layoffs start July 20.

May 24

Indiana is a

“Hate Democrats, Republican state.”

James 1:2-4

How do you like your leaders now Hoosiers?

“There is a Yankee trick for you – done up by a Hoosier.”

A Trickster is one of many words


Devil (Satan)


Native American Country Culture.