Military’s best jet being made in India

Military’s best jet being made in India

Make America Great again by outsourcing our military’s best equipment to India

(For Sale to the highest bidder).


Our factories to China!

Our long time enemy!

How many more thousands of American Jobs will go out of this country before he is finished?


January Trump,

Instead of summoning the best in America’s ideals,

Mr. Trump offered a fantastical version of America

losing its promise,

military dominance and middle-class wealth


“The ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs.”

With sweeping exaggeration,

Mr. Trump spoke of


In the inner cities.

He deplored all of this decline as a betrayal of America, implicitly trashing the four former presidents who sat listening behind him at the inaugural ceremony.

Those presidents, Democratic and Republican,

must have put

Mexico first,






Offering himself as a kind of savior,

the leader of a

“Historic movement, the likes of which the world has never see”


Mr. Trump proclaimed he would have a different priority:

—–>“America First!<—–

—–>Buy American?<—–

India to Take Over Production of Iconic US Fighter Jet

How long before our enemies get to steal and/or buy the plans?

—–>Buy American?<—–

Ford to shift Focus production to China in 2019


How many of republican Trump voters will lose their jobs next?