Welcome Houston, about a Texas Comanche wedding

Welcome Houston, Texas

about a

Texas Comanche wedding


First I have a question for you my new friend.

Did anyone ever check on

a burial ground

of the Comanche’s in Texas?

This is sad!

It has been four (4) years


still no response to a physically disturbed

Native American Burial Site?

I do not expect to get answers to my posting in this little corner of Mother Earth.

However, someone from the Comanche area of (Texas), needs to respond?

I even offered to help if I had transportation.

Traditional Comanche wedding rituals.


Welcome to the visitor from the City of Las Vegas Nevada


Looking for information about traditional Comanche wedding rituals.



Thank you for your visit however, I am not sure that a Native American Wedding from around Nevada is exactly the same as a wedding from a Native American Traditional Tribe around the New England area?

I now have a question for you if or when you do get your answer.

Friends on my WordPress site would like to be able to get in touch with an elder from any Comanche tribe willing to go to a burial ground in Texas that has been brutally disturbed and see if it is in fact a Comanche site. If so, what can we do about it?





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