Obamacare Repeal Updates

Obamacare Repeal Updates

Obamacare VS Trumpcare Facts

Job Creation during Presidential Term/Political Party

Private Sector Job Creation during Presidential Term/Political Party

What do you think the report will read after Trumpcare?

What would the report read if it was about Madam President?

The CBO released their score of Trumpcare 2.0 and the news is just as expected

For starters,

(Coal Country States)

like Kentucky will be suffering the most if Trumpcare replaces


Since 2004, 1.1 Million jobs were created because of Obama-Cares.

Kentucky stands to lose

20,000 jobs because of Trumpcare,

(U.K Healthcare Hospital).

Obama-cares was never the

“job killer”

Republicans warned it would be


Trumpcare will be!

Researchers estimate the GOP’s new health care plan could cost America as many as

3 million jobs

Over 20,000 Retired Coal Miners

Could Lose Health Insurance



Alternative fuel is free! If a company had included alternative ways to heat, cool, and make hot water years ago, they would now be on the cutting edge of this progress, alas, American companies still cannot see their hands in front of their faces, so to speak and the then 3rd world countries are now first at this newer energy saver type of fuel.