Did you edit your name today?

Answering two of my long time friend/followers.

Did you edit your name today on Face-Book?


Why not?

The English, French, Polish, German, Spanish, Russian and every other country on Mother Earth, are never hassle because of a name.

However, the ‘First People in Our Land’, always have to change our name to suit our ‘Conquering Government’

Why is this do you suppose?

One word answer.


Or the fear of.

The Casino Indians are on the Warpath.

Guess one should not call it as one sees it while on the net.

Many of the “Indians” throughout Indian Country these days are Government controlled Casino Indians, now living in a Nation.

Because the “Fault-Fact is.

It will never be a

Nation to Nation


If you do not believe this, try going against this government and see how fast your casino and nation disappears.



‘complaining person’

might be

a ‘

President Hillary Clinton’


One must use your Christian name on Facebook, what if you are not a Christian?

What if you are an atheist, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh or proud to be saved by the “Blood from the Cross of Jesus?”


I am always going to

teach from the teaching knowledge

of our ancestor


all of the time.