Do you “Want/Need'” charlotte’s web

Do you “Want/Need'” (Medical Marijuana)?

If you are one of the millions of our citizens

around the country, that need this.

And/or one of the 71% of Floridians that voted yes.

You must help our politicians find a way to

‘charge you through the nose’ for their vote!

Medical Pot Deal Collapses over Dispensaries, Leaving Framework in Strict Regulators’ Hands

FlaglerLive | May 6, 2017

Up in smoke. (Olli Henze)

Unable to bridge a gap over how many marijuana dispensaries the state should have,

Florida lawmakers Friday failed to pass legislation that would have created a framework to carry out a constitutional amendment

legalizing medical marijuana for wide variety of patients.

Implementation of the voter-approved amendment

now rests in the hands of state health officials,

who have been harshly criticized by legislators, patients, vendors — and judges —

for their handling of the state’s current medical marijuana regulations.

“The Florida Legislature chose political gamesmanship over the will of 71 percent of voters,”

said Ben Pollara,

executive director of the group Florida for Care.