Coal Miners with Black Lungs have Affordable Healthcare

Coal Miners with Black Lungs

Deep in the heart of coal country,

folks watch the health care battle

Coal Miners with Black Lungs have President Barrack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare, pay no or very little for their life saving medications, while voting for Trump, and are saying that they plan to vote for him again?

During the 2016 presidential campaign, then-candidate Trump repeatedly expressed his support for coal miners and their communities. Voters in the country’s old mining regions of Appalachia rewarded these promises with overwhelming electoral support.

Yet this Friday, more than 22,000 retired union coal miners in seven states whose former companies went bankrupt over the past few years are bound to lose their health care benefits if Congress is unable to agree on a permanent or temporary fix

Republicans want to turn effort to save coal miners into gift for coal mining companies

By Mark Sumner

Friday Apr 28, 2017

Though there are fewer than 50,000 coal miners currently working, there are over 89,000 on the UMWA funds. Of those, 22,000 are the responsibility of companies that have already used bankruptcy to slide out from under their responsibility to the fund. Congress gave the fund a temporary boost in December, but without immediate action, those 22,000 miners will face a loss of both medical care and pension benefits in a matter of days.

The treatment for coal worker’s pneumoconiosis often includes bronchodilator medications, inhaled corticosteroids, chest physical therapy, and oral corticosteroids. Some may benefit from home oxygen therapy.