Soaking up the sun

Thank-you Mother Earth

for your care of

we your children

Today is (Earth Day)

Can we at least think of ways

to help care for our mother,

Mother Earth?

Soaking up the sun

Look at this photo,


Solar Panels out in a

(Not used wasteland)

In a circle

With the power in the center to send your electricity to you.

Could this be a take-off

of a Native American


Sacred Circle


Creator in the center

(Heart) of the circle?

The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project near Tonopah, Nevada

File this one under

‘Massive industrial sites that become unintentional public art when seen from the right perspective.’

That perspective comes via a single-engine plane flying over the southwestern edge of Nevada, near the town of Tonopah.

This is where the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project harvests the bountiful sunshine in the region, converting and storing it as energy that is distributed to homes through the Nevada Power Company.

The power plant has been operating since September 2015.


Florida did not run out of rain.

It is called

Climate Changing!