Stopping Bouncing play houses from flying

How about a play areas with a   ballast?

Bounce House Disaster at Fort Lauderdale, Florida Beach

A bouncy house disaster in Fort Lauderdale,

Florida flew into the air and left four children injured – one seriously. A waterspout spun onto the short at the beach park and lifted two bounce houses about 50 feet into the air on Monday.

The bouncy house disaster

sent three children to the Broward Health Medical Center, according to Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Timothy Heiser.

All three of the children injured in the Florida bounce house accident were under 8 years old.

Two of the children were released after being treated for “minor injuries, including fractures,” and a third was kept overnight for observation.

The fourth child injured in the Fort Lauderdale bouncy house accident was treated at the scene.

To or to rent?

The country let alone Florida must make strict laws to re-building and/or selling these potently flying houses with our children inside.


Better yet

If a company

made their play areas

with a   ballast

It would far out-sell all others.

As with any

boat or ship,

these play-areas

need to have ballast


length and width or the play area.

The renter and/or the buyer

must sign a certified letter

stating that before anyone

is allowed inside

it must be filled with water!