(The decision of State Attorney Aramis Ayala).

Torah/Bible/An Eye for an Eye


Why would God have Moses write such a thing?

Could it have been the time

it was written in


to the people it was written too?

(The decision of State Attorney Aramis Ayala).

Please think


Then re-Read our (Good Book) Again.

I would like to thank the author of our

‘Good Book’

(God the Creator of All).


Kill the Killer


Make the Killer think about the Dastardly Deed?

Why would our God have Moses

write these three statements?

Exodus 21:24

Leviticus 24:20

Deuteronomy 19:21


Then we have

Matthew 5:37-39

Hebrew (Jews), Christians and non believers,

what does your

‘Good Book’ say about ‘Killing’ one another


why would our God


write such a thing?


Revelation 14:6-7

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