The guy that stole the Whitehouse did not listen!

The guy that stole the Whitehouse did not listen!

You can mess with guys,

you can mess with your job,

you can even mess with your pants.

However, Never, and I mean Never,

‘Mess with an angry women’!

The new guy on the hill has awaken


Mother Grizzly Bears

from their dens


they are not happy!

Just to name a few of the

‘Millions of our Women that he will be sorry that he tangled with’.

Sorry my female friends

If I missed you

just place you name up at the top if you wish.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi


Maxine Waters

Whoopi Goldberg

Gator Woman

Joy Behar

Rhuta Bhayga

Hillary Clinton

Guess who is very, very, very, happy?

Yours Truly!

Shechaim Ohjieshan

You go girls