Not many old men are found in the mines.

The average life of a coal miner


52.7 years old

Or is it?

Life of a Coal Miner

How many people die young



Alternative Energy Equipment?

His dangers are many.

He may be crushed to death at any time by the falling roof.

burned to death by the exploding of gas, or blown to pieces by a premature blast.

So dangerous is his work that he is debarred from all ordinary life insurance. In no part of the country will you find so many crippled boys and broken down men.

During the last thirty years over 10,000 men and boys have been killed and 25,000 have been injured in this industry.

Not many old men are found in the mines.

The average age of those killed is 32.13.

It is an endless routine of dull plodding world from nine years until death—a sort of voluntary life imprisonment.

Few escape.

Once they begin, they continue to live out their commonplace, low leveled existence, ignoring their daily danger, knowing nothing better.

Funny how the photo-op with coal miners doesn’t show any miners over 45.

I wonder where they are?

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Coal Miner’s Slaughter

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