Mr. #45 climate: Challenges

States scramble

to salvage

climate crusade



Mr. #45

Mr. #45 climate: Challenges

loom after Obama policies scrapped

Opponents of Mr. #45 decision to scrap his predecessor’s climate change policies say they will organize   a public campaign and pursue legal avenues to challenge it.

California will force the US to fight against the #45 law on climate change

Shortly after Mr.45 signed his energy plan, Gov. Jerry Brown vowed that Mr.45’s “outrageous move will galvanize the contrary force.”

Brown and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo are moving fast to consolidate the power of several other states and countries that are united on climate action, and are emerging to fill the American leadership vacuum on the world stage that the Trump administration has created.

It’s a formidable coalition, with U.S. states and foreign governments representing a billion people and a third of the global economy. Whether it can be harnessed to bring America in a direction the White House is now dead set against remains to be seen.

So far the leaders who joined with President Barack Obama in Paris in 2015 to sign the global climate deal are standing firm.

As Mr. #45 ponders pulling out of the UN climate deal, China, India, Germany, the EU and the UK have all reaffirmed their promise to curb CO2 emissions.