Gordon Brown drove into the post office

Gordon Brown 82-years-0ld drove into the post office in Titusville

(He was attempting to park his

2015 Nissan Frontier truck

In a designated parking spot).

In other words, a handicapped parking spot!

I sit in our car with the puppies while Donna shop and not a day goes by without seeing an old person (80 and/or much older), come out of the store with the store motorized cart.

I watch as they get out of this thing and into the driver’s seat


I pray for them and anyone in their way.

Because, there is no way any of them can get to the brake fast enough to avoid an accident.

Elderly Man Crashes



2 thoughts on “Gordon Brown drove into the post office

  1. I know what you mean! I see it every time I go to the store!! It aggravates me to no end. My father walked with 2 canes and had a sticker, but refused to park in the handicapped in case someone in worse shape than he needed it.


    • GP Cox
      While sitting in any of those parking lots I watch ‘young healthy people’ with grandmother’s placket while people like your father and I must park far away from the store.
      I called and wrote to every senator, representatives, and government official and I get a cold shoulder from each time.
      Think about the money to be made from these people to alleviate some of our tax money.

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