Trump to millionaire, you want massive tax breaks, pass my bill

Trump to

millionaire and billionaires,

you want massive tax breaks, pass this garbage bill

Trump to congress pass my juke bill or I am coming after you!

Congress has no healthcare bill

For seven years, congress


PDJTS have stated that each has a replacement for the

(Affordable healthcare Act).

Not only do they have a program, both PDJTS and congress, at least the republicans, have stated for years that they will implemented it on day one, if PDJTS and they are elected.



and they were elected, show me your healthcare.

What does this mean to the poor and middle class?

Any bill now passed

would be something

that could have been working

for the country

for the past seven years.

Why it is not now working, you might ask.



(Do Nothing Congress),

did nothing,

for each of those seven years!

And yet, you elected them.

Who Wins and Who Loses under the (AHCA)


No one really knows


the Republicans in Congress

also do not know.


Let us take a stab at their mass confusion.

“Like the proverbial dog that caught the car,

Republicans in Congress are finding out that repealing and replacing Obamacare,

is a wee bit more difficult than their campaign slogans suggested.”

It is not, as Democrats suggest, that the Republicans have no plan

there are plans of virtually every stripe,

from straightforward repeal to Obamacare.

But they have so far been unable to reach,

a consensus on a proposal that is both good policy


politically palatable.


Michael Tanner January 11, 2017

The GOP needs an alternative to Obamacare.

Who Wins and Who Loses Under Republicans’ Health Care Plan

Tax credits in the Republican plan compared with Obamacare.