A lie is a person not telling the truth.

A lie is when one does not tell the truth

 As a retired Spiritual Teacher, trained since birth by my elders and as a Native American that enjoys reading about all religious beliefs I am confused while trying not to become a judge.

Knowingly telling a half-truth is also telling a lie.

A lie is a person not telling the truth.

It does not matter the religious belief.


The lack thereof.

No matter the political party.


The lack thereof.

It does not matter the gender.

A lie is a lie, is a lie.

“Therein lies the Rub!”

Preachers, pastors and priest

(The Big three P’s),

hate Hillary


as usual

with little or no an explanation.


They are now idolizing

the two presidents


infesting the Whitehouse!

How can a preacher preach the word of God


our Christians that are stating their beliefs of

(The Word of God),

Condemn (Judge),

anyone let alone without proof.

Their Bible states many times that, only their God can Judge!