Why not just shut down Public Schools?

Why not just shut down Public Schools?

Did this get your attention?

I have been writing for years about the corruption of Charter schools


your tax money to little if any interest.

A couple of likes from what looks like an

automatic computer software?


NO Comments!


this is your hard-earned money

flowing into the pockets of the rich!

Don’t believe me?

Read just a few articles

from the past


then start your own investigations.

Who ‘owns’ charter schools?

Please for your sake

at least read the (5), comments.

Cashing In On Kids

Florida charter schools: big money, little oversight

Florida’s charter school movement has grown

into $400-million-a-year powerhouse

backed by real-estate developers


promoted by politicians,

but with little oversight.

When Forbes speak you had better listen!

Charter Schools Gravy Train Runs Express To Fat City

And last but by no means least!


This one should even scare

the bloomers off of the

‘Walking Dead’!


Governor Rick Scott wants $100M

for charter schools!



5 thoughts on “Why not just shut down Public Schools?

    • Thank you for your comment 1EarthUnited
      Yes that is one good plan as long as the students can keep learning and not, as in my case as a teacher, they would stagnate. 🙂
      In my opinion, another very good start would be to (Vote out the Scum), and (Vote in real concerned people as politicians in office).
      You know the people, the ones that do not forget that they are working for the people and not to just keep taking from the people.

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  1. I agree with some of what you say, but as one who does not belong to the ‘moneyed’ people of the world, your comments miss some of the most important factors of what I call “the school problem.”
    My foremost problem is that what is taught in school has moved almost entirely away from ‘history’ to what we generally refer to as popular opinion, what is in vogue. (There is a word for it, I just can’t remember it right now.) I agree with you that people are generally partial to what they know or think they know and what they believe, but to believe that the entire writing of history was all lies is stretching truth not to mention integrity. We know of course that with time, things do become stretched beyond comprehension, so as altering becomes necessary, alter! But alter what is in need of altering, while giving to each its due. This would be an honest alteration of our history. Can we even consider someone coming in to alter the worst people from our heritage just because they hated that person or persons? It is ridiculous to even contemplate. Why didn’t they just add what had been left out of the history books instead of disclaiming all that was there as false.There will always be authors who are less than objective. In my life alone I have seen numerous examples of it, but on the other hand I have witnessed (by reading accounts written by people of integrity) where certain rabid politicians for one cause or another has acknowledged the errors of his past beliefs and set out to correct them. The balance will never be perfect. However I commend you that you try where the Native Americans are concerned. Too many citizens want only what is given to them as free gifts and they give nothing in return, not even loyalty.

    I do wish that all Americans would fight for what is good for our country, instead of following party guidelines. Too many people are addicted to party instead of country. If we could permanently rid our government of those who lobby for what the rich are currently seeking we would be making a tremendous step forward. This also goes for term limits. We would no doubt have less knowledgeable people serving, but mistakes can be overcome, whereas evil that bribes is more difficult to get rid of.
    Sorry for the length and thanks for listening. Marie


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