My birthday was a complete success

To three of my faithful friend/followers

 A promise is a promise so here goes.

My birthday was a complete success minus workable photos.


A Sunrise breakfast on the veranda at the old and historic Lake Inn in Mount Dora

One of only a few places in central Florida where one can get his favorite breakfast that allows pets to join the memories.

Not only that, an immigrant and his family joined us.

One that

(President Steve Bannon)


(The other guy)!

Has not shipped them out of the country yet!

The second half of the day was getting back to our old stomping grounds,

before Hurricane Mathew hit.

We had some old fashion ice cream and a few visits with our friends at


Flagler Beach.


Ziek got his first encounter with the waves on the beach


Breanna acted as the old pro, playing tag with the water.



11 thoughts on “My birthday was a complete success

  1. Happy belated Birthday Sir! It sounds like you had good time with family, new friends, and familiar scenery. While you are like my Dad and have experience with birthdays, I do hope that this one was your best yet but only until your next.


    • Thank you lablouisianaboy
      Somehow, some way a few of my followers found out the date, guess even after 76 years the marker is still visible
      I was exhausted from the day so I promised I would write something for you my good friends and followers to read.
      As for you’re “Until the Next”!
      My guess is that, “Kiehtan (Creator), is going to keep a thumb on me down on Mother Earth until I get it right”.


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