Is this really what you females want in a male person?

Is this really what you females want in a male person?

Don’t you just hate it when the help tries to sneak in your side of the car?

Take a close look at the tweet!

We in Florida watched,

only because we could not get away from it,

on the circus

on the Florida Media

this morning.

All of you Florida Females

holding up signs yesterday,

have you really been paying attention

to your idol?

You are in Florida after all,

so if this person turns you on.

I am sure that, as long as you are still breathing,

you can find thousands of

“Male Chauvinistic Pigs”

to come a running!

On second thought,

‘Breathing is Optional!

I promise

as soon as your president

stops running for the presidency


starts to be a president,

if believing that he can.

I will stop calling him what he is!

After all!

You and he must get over it, the real president got more votes than he did and she did so honestly.

Your president got into office using those crooked republican governors and congress people!

Get Over It!