“Is President Trumplethinskin a ‘Paleface’ Indian?”


“Is President Trumplethinskin a ‘Paleface’ Indian?”


“Me know How, Me want Some!”

Or in his case!

“Me know How Me want All!”

President Trumplethinskin is letting this country and the world know that if he does not get his way every time he wants his way, he will be spending your hard-earned tax money until he does get his way!


If President Trumplethinskin is not lying, and truly wants to ban terrorist from entering this country he must scrap his ban on those seven Muslim Countries.

The ones ‘Not doing business with President Trumplethinskin’!

And attack only the ones that did indeed send terrorist into this country!

You remember the ones.

The ones that are doing business with President Trumplethinskin’s Companies!



Hillary Clinton tweaks Trump over unanimous appeals court ruling against travel ban

February 9, 2017


President Trumplethinskin’s country

(the United States of America),

is going the way of every company also owned by

President Trumplethinskin,


How is your Trumplethinskin doing?


So it has only been a few weeks in the cesspool called

“Our New Government!”


I would still like to hear some pingback from my neighbors that voted Trumplethinskin into office.

First, I am interested in hearing from my

Native American and African American

brothers and sisters

that voted for


How about the women and/or Christians that voted for Trumplethinskin?

How much have you gained from his appointments?

Will you be getting a raise, a better affordable healthcare, an increase in Social Security, a job or unemployment checks, better road, bridges, cleaner water?

So far, all I see in the media is Millionaires and Billionaires, White Supremes, and money flowing into the Trumplethinskin family coffers!