Mohegan Clan?

Welcome to one of our posting about the Uncasvillage clan


Benson, North Carolina


Whatever happened to the rest of the Mohegan Clans?


Native American’s, at least the traditionalist.

Like any other group of people (countries), have different cultures, ceremonies, language and heads of their type of government.

Sagamore in tribes of Canada and tribes that left Canada is their leaders.

Sagamore in our clans is the head of each clan under the direct leadership of the ‘Head Clan Mother with the permission of the Clans Shechaim,

or was before casinos.

A Chief in most tribes west of our people is the head of their tribe,

or was before casinos.

A chief of our tribes (Clans), is put in-charge of any job the she or he is the most qualified to get the job completed correctly.

Once that job is completed correctly that person is not a chief until the next job,

if the most qualified to do the job.

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