Miami, Florida


Miami, Florida

Welcome Miami, Florida


Sachem Uncas

Thank you for your visit to our little corner of the internet

As I just explained to our neighbor in

Ocoee Florida


History is a free insurance

to our future

if you choose to use it!

Least we never forget our past

to better our future!

Most of the time many of our leaders seem to forget just how easy and inexpensive it is to vastly improve our lives daily by avoiding the mistakes of our past.

I believe and it looks like Millions of our Floridians and Millions of people all around the world agrees.

Now is the time to reopen our history books

(Social studies, United States History and World History).


We all must keep our

‘Pedal to the Medal’!

When this new group now in Washington

Does battle with the old group in Washington!


They will!

Euro-Americans came to rule Florida


Stomped all over the first people of the land.

Where are they now?

Florida Calusa Indians

The Timucua Indians:

A Native American Detective Story

Just to name a few.

Where are they now?