How about that million Women March?

I am in love for sure today!


For the 20 years that I have been in central Florida,

Snowbirds seek out swing states


move down for the winter to vote republican

in these swing states.

This is wrong and must stop!

Voting should be in your own state!


How about that million Women March?


I love all of those women that just build the


‘Largest march on Washington’


I am also in love with all women in 50 states that are


will be soon marching




in this country!

63% of the women

voted for Hillary.


64% of White Women

voted for Donald!

I have been told repeatedly that women

tend to be jealous of women.

However, in this case it should be,

women for the respect of women!

At least the same 64%

of the women

in the media

voted for the ‘Whoremonger’

because their bosses

made them do this.

At least 90% of the retiring ‘Snowbird Women;

voted for the ‘Whoremonger’,

because their

‘Meal Ticket

told them to.

Both types of women should check out the ERA for women!

And then check out a good attorney.

For the 20 years that I have been in central Florida, Snowbirds seek out swing states and move down for the winter to vote republican in these swing states. This is wrong and must stop!

Voting should be in your own state!

Matriarchal Societies

Who runs the world?

In these six societies:


Women’s March on Washington set to be one of America’s biggest protests

Let us talk

‘These Matriarch leaders’

once again?

The women in the Traditionalist Tribes



around the

New York, New England Area

Are not as the old kings

like the old world

(England, France Egypt, Spain, and so on),


The Leaders of

Nazi Germany, Russia, North Korea, China

and say,




because of my writing,

you think that our Matriarch leaders

are in a

servitude to men,

Think Again!

Remember October 1997 and now in January 2017

Have you ever been to a meeting, gathering holiday event, or Paw-paus?

Give one or two a try!

2 thoughts on “How about that million Women March?

  1. My wife and I attended along with several former students, both male and female, from our different academic stops. I never made it anywhere close to the stage and after staying at the Mall a bit, I decided to move against the flow of the crowd as I walked to different locations. Amazingly, that was so easy as people were being kind and considerate. Even on the Metro with cars filled to capacity, people would apologize if they accidentally stepped on the foot of another. I’ve never seen a crowd that large behaving with such common courtesy. Perhaps it was because people were not talking at one another but engaging in conversations with others.

    Sir, I think you’ll appreciate and enjoy this remembrance I have of the day. It had nothing to do with causes, be they real, perceived, or ignored. Despite the “outrage” by some at certain celebrities (none of whom I saw or heard in person) and labels being affixed to those who attended, this experience below represents one of the many things this March accomplished. While not a stated goal by the organizers, I think this interaction illustrates the effect of the March.

    One of personal remembrances from the day: I wanted to move away from the flow of people just to sit back and observe and have a bite to eat. I went over to the Rayburn Building and walked up the steps. There you had various members of Capitol and District law enforcement at the crosswalks just like the other crosswalks. Since the major flow of foot traffic was not in that area, the officers could divert attention to converse with the few people passing by with little distraction from their duties. I spoke with a number.

    While sitting on the stone steps a man and a young boy about the age of 10 years came into the area. The young boy wore one of the pink “pussy hats.” The man was dressed like I was, jeans, plain shirt, jacket. He had a camera and one of the Capitol maps in his hand. The boy had climbed the steps to look inside the locked doors. The man stood at street level watching and a Capitol officer who I had been speaking with a few moments earlier watched as well.

    The boy descended the steps quickly. About 10 feet to my right and maybe 2 steps below where I sat, he turned to me. “Excuse me sir, do you know what they do in this building?”

    I responded that this building is where many House members have offices and pointed in the direction of the Russell Building and said many of Senators have offices “way over” there. Do you know the difference between the Senate and House, I asked. The boy responded that there were 2 Senators per state and House of Representatives have to get elected every 2 years. I said you’re right. The boy said thank you and bounded down the remaining steps.

    I heard the man ask the boy “thank you what?” The boy turned back facing me and made about 2 steps up with a sort of confused look. He stopped and then said “Oh, Sorry, Thank You Sir, Have a Good One.” I nodded my head toward the man as the boy sprang back to his side, and the man gave me a little wave. As they walked away, the Capitol Hill officer gave a small salute to the man and boy and then turned to me with a large smile, gold cap showing on one of his front teeth sparkling prominently in contrast to his white teeth and black skin, gave a wave to me and walked back to his station at the crosswalk with his partner.

    I had some flashbacks to my good ole days in Livingston Parish. Jen asked me if the boy had an accent when I told her the story since it seems obvious that the boy and his Dad were visitors. I said that the boy sounded normal to me and understood me, so she said that they must have been from the South.

    For me that interaction illustrates what occurred with this Women’s March. A young boy, curious, respectful, and polite. A father watching his son closely but no holding him back. Then even after such a friendly exchange, the Dad emphasizing a lesson that he is obviously teaching the boy via words and his own actions. That lesson being just that simple Sir in addition to a thank you.

    Confidence in oneself and respect toward others. No demeaning, diminishing, or marginalizing of others was the message I saw and experienced at the Women’s March in DC.


    • You and your wife my friend, had such a beauty of a day and you had the very best experience that day, I am so jealous.
      That boy and his family, no matter where they call home, ‘Got it right’.
      The Capitol officers are intelligent enough to distinguish the massive differences in marches, this I ask Creator to bless them, the marches and your family on the days to follow.


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