New Farm, Queensland, Australia


New Farm, Queensland, Australia

Any person place or thing that believes in the use of ‘Mother Earths’ (Free Gifts) and puts its money where its mouth is, I would be proud to call, “My Friend!”

Welcome New Farm, Queensland, Australia,_Queensland

The use of Mother Earths Alternative Energy.


Luminous Energy to develop 300MW PV project in Australia

By Conor Ryan

Jan 19, 2017 12:15 AM GMT


Any person place or thing that believes in

protecting the innocent Creations

of the Creator of everything on

‘Mother Earths’


Will get this

humble servant

on his knees

once again

in prayer

for a blessing to them!

Welcome to our main website

for information about our people

in this little corner of

‘Mother Earth’

While Florida is bragging about just how fast

it is destroying our ‘Tropical Paradise, to build their ‘Cement Cities’

You, my new friends,

are hard at work enjoying and protecting yours.