Bernie Sanders, as a citizen is running (Again)


Bernie Sanders




Matthew 5:29 – CJB – If your right eye makes you sin …

Psalm 1:1 CJB – Book I: Psalms 1–41 – How blessed are …

Ephesians 5:29 – CJB – Why, no one ever hated his own …

“Three Musketeers'”

Bernie Sanders, as a citizen of the United States of America, has every right to run once again in four years and

‘as you can see’, he is now running!

Only Remember!

Bernie Sanders is not a Republican.

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat.

Bernie Sanders as a

(‘Self Professed,’ member of the ‘Independent, Socialist, party’!

Bernie Sanders must run as a member of the

‘Independent, Socialist, party’!

Independent, Socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders and the

“Three Musketeers'”

Are at it once again people.

The ‘News Media,’ is starting already to make sure that they crush, the Democratic Party, in Four Years!

Bernie Sanders Lays Into Trump’s EPA Pick For Doubting Climate Science

EPA nominee Scott Pruitt believes his personal beliefs on climate change are “immaterial.” Sanders disagrees.

Tom Price, the nominee for secretary of health and human services, answered pointed questions from Senator Bernie Sanders


Betsy DeVos grilled by Bernie Sanders during hearing


Bernie Sanders: We need serious talk on serious issues

By Bernie Sanders

Updated 4:19 PM ET, Mon January 9, 2017

Bernie Sanders Wealth-Shames Trump Nominee

Bernie Sanders hammers Trump’s US health secretary choice for saying America is a “compassionate society”

Bernie Sanders Refuses To Answer On Trump’s Legitimacy

We could go on and on and on if you wish?

Don’t believe this?

Type in

(Senator Bernie Sander’s questions appointees).