Matriarch/Shechaim/ Spirituality


Matriarch/Shechaim/ Spirituality

This is going to be a first and yes, unusual for me.


Baldwyn Mississippi


I am still not sure about the welcome part?

Just so that you will know my visitor.

I do enthusiastically defend women and women’s rights!

You see,

I am blessed, by Kiehtan, to have been born into



Traditional Eastern Woodland Native American Family.

In this family

(Clan or whatever one so chooses to call it).

A child, every child, is the requirement of every elder

by order of the clans,

Head Clan Mother.

The Adults are the teachers of the youth of our people.

Because of this,

I never knew the real meaning of


until joining the service and beyond.

Once stepping outside of the family

I was forced to face hate and race head-on


each time it left a bitter taste in my heart.

Race is a short word

that takes in a multiple number

of scenarios.

Blacks, browns, reds, yellows, women, immigrants and so on.

In fact,

it would seem that


not white

White Men!

was classified as a race



This is why every traditionalist dreams about

the old days and the old way!

In this our scenario,

one can have their cake and eat it too.

By, enjoying the

‘new world ways’ while keeping the ‘old world ways,’

culture, ceremonies, ancestors and the love

from Kiehtan (Creator).




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