Interfaith Peace Partners

Interfaith Peace Partners


Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Bahai communities,

“OH MY!”

Mark 11:25

We have been trying,


We have been trying,

“Back Biting!”

We have tried,

“Splitting the country!”

How about if we give,

“Love!” A try?


The Bahai Religion has bahá’u’lláh.


The Jewish Religion Messiah.


The Muslim Religion Mohammad.


The Christian Religion has Jesus Christ.


They all have God!


They all agree that there is only one God.

Let us agree to turn our hate up to our god

for a blessing

from our god

turned to love?


Interfaith Peace Partners to hold multi-faith prayer service

The Interfaith Peace Partners was organized a year ago and is led by clergy and volunteers from the Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Bahai communities. Together they hope to bring about a sense of awareness, understanding and tolerance.

The event will be the group’s fourth organized prayer service. Previous services have been held at St. Timothy’s Catholic Church, Temple Shalom and New Covenant United Methodist Church, which had around 500 to 600 people in attendance.

This service will be a little different from the others, as they have invited three guest speakers – a 13-year-old Islamic girl, a black man and a retired white man – to address the issue of racism and prejudices in their lives.

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Mark 11:25

New International Version

And when you stand praying,

if you hold anything against anyone,

forgive him, so that your Father in heaven

may forgive you your sins.

King James Version

“And when ye stand praying, forgive,

if ye have ought against any:

that your Father also which is in heaven

may forgive you your trespasses.”