Ammonia leak occurs at Mosaic’s New Wales plant


Ammonia leak occurs at Mosaic’s New Wales plant

A worker opened a valve and did not know that it was under pressure?

What training did this worked get?

There are potential dangers involved in handling anhydrous ammonia.

It must be stored and handled under high pressure, requiring specially designed and well-maintained equipment.

In addition,

to ensure their safety, workers must be adequately educated about the procedures and personal protective equipment required to safely handle this product.

What is anhydrous ammonia, and why is it so risky to handle?

It is a chemical made up of one part nitrogen and three parts hydrogen.

The properties of this fertilizer

make it one of the most potentially dangerous


used in agriculture.

Guess who is in the news once again?

Mosaic’s New Wales plant

Guess what the news media is doing with this news once again?

Placing it on the back burner so to speak!

Shut this corrupted plant down!

When will our governor

be happy with money enough

to send

this company

back to