How to save and Endangered Bird?

flacenHow to save and Endangered Bird?

 We had an interesting past 15 hours to say the least Friday into Saturday.

My followers know that the best reason for living next to the Ocala National Forest

Is enjoying the plants, birds and animals that show at times, not counting many of the Floridians.

This all changed late Friday evening

when a speeding motorcyclist hit one of our beloved

‘Sandhill Cranes’


(The baby girl)!

For many years, the Sandhill Cranes were endangered.

At some point in time, this was changed to threatened?

The biker did stay with the bird, for this, the neighborhood was pleased.

However, his reasoning is tinted with new world thinking!


He said,


“I did see the three birds


thought that the last one

would wait until I passed!”

For your information,

the Sandhill Cranes and their ancestors

were the true first of the North and South America’s,


it is your responsibility

to think for the bird,

not the bird’s responsibility

to think for you!

To my pleasing surprise, a vast number of Floridians stay with her into the night while waiting and hoping for someone, anyone from any government official to arrive after many, many phone calls, texting and emails.

Alas, this did not happen that night.


We were told that if someone from government did show,

it would in all likelihood.

“Be Put Down!”


We agreed that

would happen only,

Over our cold dead bodies!

Saturday after getting permission from a licensed rehab center friend in Gainesville Florida


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  1. I’m glad there are those who want to protect our environment and endangered species. Thanks! The government will never help. They are too busy making more useless laws.


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