Young man on a mission to honor WW-2 Veterans

Rishi Sharma, To Remember

As seen on WKQM News 6 this morning

Saturday 12/31/2016



Posted on December 12, 2016

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The Osgood File. This is Charles Osgood.

On the road in Redondo Beach, California, our CBS News colleague Steve Hartman has met a young man who has made it his business to learn everything he can about America’s role in the Second World War…

VO – Steve Hartman, CBS News Correspondent

“For as long as he can remember, 19-year-old Rishi Sharma has been fascinated with World War II. But it wasn’t until recently that he realized this history is still living.” (:11)

SOT – Rishi Sharma

“There are real superhero World War II vets out there – and I want to meet them.” (:04)

VO – Steve Hartman

“So in 2014 – as a junior in high school – Rishi made it his mission.” (:05)

As you’ll hear after this…

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Once again, talking with Rishi Sharma, here is Steve Hartman…

VO – Steve Hartman

“Rishi doesn’t come from a military family. His parents emigrated here from India.” (:04)

SOT – Rishi Sharma, with Steve Hartman

“(Hartman:) You were skipping school to go interview vets? (Sharma:) Yeah, I started riding my bike to the local senior home. I interviewed those guys. Then I started driving…” (:08)

VO – Steve Hartman

“Today, he tries to meet one a day – drives all over Southern California, searching out every World War II combat vet he can find.” (:07)

Talk about missions…

SOT – Ernie Eisley

“I had a lot of missions.” (:01)

VO – Steve Hartman

“…like Marine tank commander Ernie Eisley.” (:02)

SOT – Ernie Eisley

“They were going to make a big camp there – attack us at night.” (:04)

VO – Steve Hartman

“Rishi talks to these guys for hours – then gives the recordings to the families. So far, he has interviewed more than 210 combat vets. Rishi says we’re losing about 400 World War II vets a day. He can’t talk to them fast enough.” (:14)

NAT – Rishi Sharma, on phone

“Hi, my name is Rishi Sharma.” (:02)

VO – Steve Hartman

“In addition to his daily interview, he calls at least five World War II vets a day – just to thank them for their service and sacrifice.” (:07)

NAT – Rishi Sharma, on phone

“(Sharma:) It means a great deal to me that you were willing to endure all of that, so that I could be here today. (Vet on the Phone:) Well, thank you very much.” (:08)

VO – Steve Hartman

“Thanking veterans and preserving their legacies is so important to Rishi, he’s now delaying college, and expanding his mission across the country.” (:07)

He and Steve Hartman may be crossing paths…

SOT – Rishi Sharma

“Oh yeah, I’m going to be on the road for years.” (:02)

The Osgood File. This is Charles Osgood on the CBS Radio Network.

Rishi Sharma, To Remember

As seen on WKQM News 6 this morning

Saturday 12/31/2016

Young man on a mission to honor WW-2 Veterans



To Remember

By Rose Minutaglio•@RoseMinutaglio

November 17, 2016 at 4:05pm EST

Help Me Interview a WWII Vet Daily


My name is Rishi Sharma, I am 19 years old and I run a non profit called Heroes of the Second World War ( ) .

I am on a mission to in depth film interview a WWII combat veteran every single day in order to gain their knowledge and wisdom before it is too late.

These men are my biggest heroes and my closest friends.

I am just trying to get a better understanding of what they had to go through in order for me and so many others to be here today and to get a better appreciation for how good I have it.

I want them to know how grateful I am for they had to endure and I am trying to be an outlet for them to express their recollections and thoughts of their war days in a censor free environment.

The interviews are filmed but there is absolutely no commercial aspect this as I give full rights to the veteran and I burn the DVDs for them.