The Whitehouse knew about this three years ago!


The Whitehouse knew about this three years ago!

Think about this my followers?

The Whitehouse and the Democratic Party

Could Have and Should Have.

Called out the hacking injustice at the very least, a year and a half ago and did nothing!


The Democratic, Republican and Independence parties


‘Big Wigs’

and our



Knew about the

‘Hacking by the Russian government,’

as early as 2013.

Today, after Hillary is safely

‘Swept under the Bus’

so to speak.

The Democratic Party and the Whitehouse are calling out the injustice of hacked phony email complaints against Hillary Clinton.


I might add!

Not a single email was proven harmful

to the

United States of America


her Citizens!

“Go Figure!”

My proof is.


Edward Joseph Snowden


The Whitehouse knew about the Russian Hackers


living in Maryland years ago!

On June 21, 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice

unsealed charges against Snowden of two counts of violating

the Espionage Act of 1917


theft of government property.

On June 23,

he flew to Moscow, Russia,

where he remained for over one month.

Russian authorities granted him asylum

for one year,

Which was later extended to three years?

As of 2016 he was still living in an ‘undisclosed location in Russia’ while seeking asylum elsewhere.

How many years have we known about the Russian spies living next door to the Whitehouse in Maryland?

US punishes Russia for hacking presidential campaign

(Big Deal)

Too little too late!

US President Barack Obama has sanctioned the GRU and FSB, leading Russian intelligence agencies, and kicked out 35 Russian diplomats for hacking presidential campaign. The US has also shut down a pair of Russian compounds, in New York and Maryland.

AP | Updated: Dec 30, 2016, 09.13 AM IST

Obama administration shutters Russian retreat on Eastern Shore in Maryland

The Whitehouse knew about this three years ago!



Hillary had to battle with a Socialist Independent and his mob, the republican party, the Russian Government, the FBI, Donald Trump and his mob, jealous women,


all the time her real enemies

were hiding right behind her!