Nearly a quarter of Florida’s Black Citizens cannot vote

Pink Slip Rick Scott


send him back to

Illinois as their

(Trash Collector)!

This is far too late for the Florida Democrats and their President!

Nearly 2 Million Felons in Florida, Most of Them Black, to Have Voting Rights Restored

Posted On December 26, 2016

Of the 1.5 million Florida residents barred from voting due to a prior felony conviction, almost a quarter are African-American. But, a newly proposed referendum seeking to repeal the state’s felony voting restriction could restore those rights.

After advocates spent a number of years gathering the required 68,314 petition signatures, the Florida Supreme Court on Monday announced that it would consider a proposal allowing a referendum on the the 2018 ballot asking state voters to roll back Florida’s felony voting restriction law, the Intercept reported. The court is expected to review the proposal on March 7.

In Florida, 1 in 4 blacks of voting age cannot vote because of felony conviction

More than 50 years after Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Florida is still a place where in a typical public setting — a grocery store or a city block — a sizable portion of the citizens you walk among are likely to be quietly enduring the state’s lifelong disenfranchisement. In neighborhoods like heavily black Parramore, an even larger number of residents will be unable to vote. And Walker says that in his congregation, those who can vote are outnumbered by those who cannot.

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has been changing, corrupting and stopping many of the laws passed by at least two passed Florida Republican Governors.

A trend that has been going against what most governors in this country has been doing.

Because, “if you do the crime and pay the time!”

You should be able to join the rest of the civilized world.

Not in Florida, because, if the laws had not been tweaked into the favor of the Republican Party.

Hillary Clinton would be our President Elect!

Thanks to Republicans, Nearly a Quarter of Florida’s Black Citizens Can’t Vote

Among Florida’s black population, the rate of disenfranchisement is high, with nearly a quarter of African-Americans prohibited from voting.

An estimated 5.9 million voting-age Americans won’t be able to vote next Tuesday

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By Niraj Chokshi


October 28, 2014

Next Tuesday, tens of millions of Americans will take to the polls to vote on everything from ballot issues to federal, state and local representation. But millions of voting-age adults will be sitting this one out.

An estimated 5.85 million Americans won’t be able to vote due to prior felony convictions, according to an estimate from the Sentencing Project, a criminal justice nonprofit think tank. Of those, roughly 44 percent are estimated to be felons who live in the 12 states that still restrict voting rights after sentences have been served, a practice that excludes as many as 1 in 10 voting-age residents of Florida, the state with the highest rates of felon disenfranchisement.