Donald, I do not like this, I Love This!


I have been complaining about this since I was,

“Knee High to a Donut!”

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Friday


He was considering imposing a lifetime ban


U.S. military procurement officials


Going to work for defense contractors,

A move that could dramatically reshape the defense industry.

If he does this, he will get a well earner,

“Good Job Mr. President!”

Think about this if you will,

Politicians in office that swear

on a bible

to be the eyes and ears to protect

those that vote them into office,

are allowed to go to work

for the same businesses

that they are allowing to

“Pork the Public!”

After they retire with a massive benefit package

from those same people in public

that was allowed to be

“Porked by the Politician?”

Trump floats ban on defense firms hiring military procurement officials

Fri Dec 9, 2016