Protocols for a Native American Naming Ceremony (2)

Protocols for

a Native American Naming Ceremony


 Sacred Naming Ceremony Protocol (2)

This my followers and friends

is why I do not respect anyone

that copies



other people’s knowledge.

Usually for some type of benefit to themselves!

Mistakes happen and their readers will never know

unless the correct person with the correct knowledge

corrects the mistakes!

A few of the things that were drilled into my head

from every teacher at our meetings

from all over

New York, New Jersey and New England

is to never use words like




give honor to anyone or thing

other than Creator.

Ceremonies are prayers to Creator,

usually for

a Blessing from Creator.


Welcome Roselle Park, New Jersey

To one of our postings about a ceremony

we call

Sacred Naming Ceremony Protocol.



People of our everyday life


Charities & Organizations



Rights & Customs

Protocols for a Native American Naming Ceremony

I write about what my elders were teaching me while growing up around them.

Being that all of my elders are now my ancestors,

I teach out of respect!

All of our ceremonies and our culture is built around

“Prayer to Creator!”

And is built around


Nothing more!

Nothing Less!


is a

Non-Native concept


for thousands of years has brought a lot of

hate, murder, slavery, race and wars!

(That is why

the following statement

is so wrong)!

A Native American naming ceremony

is a sacred religious event.

The specific rituals and practices


but some elements are common to all tribes.

Native American religion

was banned for a time by the U.S. government and changes have crept in among the old practices.

But in essence, the meaning and reverence given to the ceremony has remained together

with certain formalities.