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Mosaic radioactive polluted water

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Tomorrow Monday 5th 2016, will be a meeting on the Mosaic Well “Giant sinkhole,”

that dumped millions of gallons of radioactive polluted water into the Florida Aquifer

I cannot believe


(all of the media and every person in )

are not up in arms about the

Many polluted water leaks from this company?

This ‘Sinkhole’ leak is into our drinking water people!

I was not able to find the latest report so this is the best out on the net!


Mosaic announced it will continue, through 2018,

testing wells within a FOUR mile radius of the sinkhole

that opened at its Mulberry fertilizer plant.


testing will be quarterly in 2017


twice a year in 2018.

Testing began in September,

shortly after

Target 8 revealed 215 million gallons

of contaminated

water drained into the aquifer.

Mosaic claims a private company it hired,

Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.,

has conducted tests on 1,200 private wells.

According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection,

67 wells showed they contained contaminant levels that exceed the government’s drinking water standard.

But the department states none of those wells was impacted by the water that escaped from the sinkhole at the plant.

While Mosaic and the state contend the contaminated water is contained on site,

some neighbors just don’t have a lot of confidence in the testing that’s going on.

“I have zero comfort,”

Kristie Simpson said.

Simpson lives about five and a half miles west of the sinkhole.

She was told tests on her well showed the water was safe to drink.

“Then later on my water started smelling different;

there’s a lot of black stuff coming out of the pipes.

My neighbors have that problem too,”

Simpson said.

She claims she wanted her well tested for arsenic and other contaminants and was refused.

Now she buys purified water and has filters on her showers.

At the root of her distrust is that the DEP waited for three weeks,

until after Target 8 broke the story,

to make public the threat of potential contamination.

“So right there, there is zero integrity,”

Simpson said.

She said Mosaic’s plan to test only wells within that four mile radius

for another two years

in not good enough.

Mosaic contends the ground water in the area of the sinkhole moves about 500 feet per month.

If that’s the case,

Simpson argues the wells in the area should be tested

for 20 or 30 years.

Mosaic also stopped delivering bottled water to wells where tests came back

within Environmental Protection Agency drinking water standards.

It will continue delivering water through this month for those wells

in which contaminants exceed standards.

Fertilizer company announces new water testing plan in Polk

Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016

The Associated Press


The Mosaic Co. has announced a new, limited water well testing program in an effort to reassure Polk and Hillsborough county residents about the safety of their drinking water following a major environmental accident in September.

The Lakeland Ledger


reports the company has sent out letters to more than 200 residents near its fertilizer plant with an offer to test wells every three months next year and twice in 2018.

Mosaic has provided free bottled water to testing participants until they receive results.

It will continue providing bottled water for new requests within the 4-mile limit.

The massive sinkhole at the fertilizer plant should be plugged by spring, months after contaminated water and waste began flowing into Florida’s main drinking water aquifer.

Information from:

The Ledger (Lakeland, Fla.),